Roller Toast



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This appliance is made entirely of steef AISI 304, rolling fridiron of steel AISI 316. The cooking chamber is lined with insulating material in order to avoid loss of heat, wear and tear of electrical components and burning on outer surface. The self-ventilated motor is equipped with a reducer. Mototr and journal are joined by two gears which lower the stress and temperature, transmitted by the cooking chamber to the motor. Eight quartz tubes act as heating elements: you can switch them on in block for an easier adjustment of heating power.

A fan in the control compartment protects all the parts from overheating. The machine can be provided with a back-geared mototr to get different degrees of toasting.

Model Roller Toast
Output PowerWatt 3000
Width of gridiron 305 mm.
Length of gridiron 410 mm.
Dimensions 430x530x360 mm.
Weight 10 kg.
Cooking Time 100 sec.

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