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The electric, professional pasta machine for restaurants, hotels and catering, prepares a 210 mm wide sheet of pasta in ten different thicknesses, using wholesome ingredients in only a few minutes (up to 12 kg per hour).

The Dough mixer accessory prepares 1 kg of dough in 5 minutes, (700g. of flour, 300g. of egg and water) and the simplex cutting accessory makes it possible to prepare five different types of long pasta.

Imperia restaurant is built in stainless steel, it uses very little electricity, is easy to use, is always ready for use and needs no maintenance. It is sufficient to clean it with a soft cloth before putting it away.

Accessory available on request: the dough mixer and the simplex cutting accessory for angle hair, tagliatelle, trenette, fettuccine and lasagnette.


Model RM220
Dimensions 30x22x25 cm.
Electrical Supply220V/50Hz
Weight14.75 kg.
Rating 190 W
Rotating Speed of Rollers<font faceMECN30002

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