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From the Sirman Pacojet range, we introduce the model Pacojet with the following features:

Ever attentive to the latest market trends and the needs of its customers, Sirman presents - exclusively for Italy – the PACOJET: a masterpiece of technique, a worldwide new release and, above all, an essential and irreplaceable tool for the leading professionals in the restaurant industry.Manufactured using quality materials, with a nickel-chrome fitting, and extremely compact, Pacojet - thanks to a new technique, unique in its class - performs a fundamental task in quality kitchens: the “pacotizin” of foods. That is: chopping, mashing, making mousses and pâtés using different foods, whipping and emulsifying sorbets and ice cream from frozen ingredients. All in JUST ONE OPERATION!With Pacojet, in fact, you will be able, in a very short time, to create a finished and ready-to-consume dishes, passing almost directly from the freezer to the serving plate. The secret lies in the elimination of defrosting times, which affect working time. This allows different types of ingredients to be prepared in advance, and then used immediately when required and in the desired proportions. In addition, given the rapid processing speed, the excess portions can be returned to cold storage before being damaged by defrosting.

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