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Fairy Active Caps

Complete with dishwasher detergent effect Viakal

Fairy Active Caps is an alkaline cleaner in capsules with a pleasant scent, designed specifically for the daily cleaning of the dishwasher.
Fairy Active Caps is a water soluble product in two phases: a liquid and a powder, with unique features that give excellent results in stain removal and general cleaning in the dishwasher.
Fairy Active Caps is an affordable, all-in-one. " The detergent has the cleaning power of Fairy, reformulated for use in dishwashers and incorporates technology "metal-shine" for the treatment of cutlery and brightest objects in stainless steel. It also contains a protective action for the windows, polishing action and a saline action.
Fairy Active Caps dissolves rapidly and completely in water. The dissolution rate is more compact than the tabs.

Pack of 60 tabs

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