Kitchen Aid K5-Mixer 5



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The multifunction professional KitchenAid mixers for the preparation of Food bodies are designed and constructed with the same quality and reliability for which the KitchenAid brand is famous worldwide for over 75 years.

The structure entirely in metal, the system of mixing planetary rotation and reliability of supply, have made the legendary mixers KitcenAid in kitchens, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, pastry shops and other commercial companies worldwide.

uses of these professional mixers are infinite: tritare, mix , Beat, mix, slice, grate, grind. In addition, the exclusive planetary rotation system ensures a more homogeneous mixing and fast all the ingredients until the edges of the bowl.

Professional KitchenAid mixers, unlike other operating with belt transmission, are driven by a motor direct that guarantees better performance and longer durations. Reliable, quiet and durable, with unsurpassed performance.Movement Planetarium

Structure metal

engine direct

Complete with two bowls in stainless steel by 5 Lt. cover with plastic hose to mount, birch and birch flat for kneading

Power: 230 V - 50/60 Hz

Power: 325 Watts

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