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Cooking stone square 25x25 with 3 porcelain bowls BISETTI



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Cooking stone square with 3 pcs porcelain bowls

Use and Treatment:

Our cooking stones are ideal to grill meat, vegetables, cheese or other food, using just a drop of oil: once heated up on the cooker, they can be directly placed on the table as cooking surfaces, by making use of a little cooker to keep the obtained heat constant.

But, before using the stone for cooking, it must be subject to a preventive treatment.

This latter is only required once before using it for the first time and has not to be repeated: the use itself of the product will serve as maintenance.

Once completed the treatment, the stone will change colour from light grey to black. To clean it you only need a sponge with mild soap, without making use of any abrasive.

The instructions can be summarized as follows:

. Oil the stone on both sides.

. Put the stone into the oven still cold and heat it up for half in hour at a temperature of 150

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