Latex rubber gloves - Size L: 8 - 8,5



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PACKING: 10 Pack 2 pieces

size L: 8 - 8,5


Glove reusable in chlorinated natural rubber latex interior / exterior, anatomically shaped for left and right hands, without napping. Washable and autoclavable internally. Beaded cuff finish.

Excellent tactile sensitivity, dexterity and flexibility. Good mechanical strength and improved chemical resistance to detergents and cleaners moderately concentrated and slightly aggressive products such acids, ketones, dilute caustic substances. Low in allergens. Versatile and hygienic even in slightly aggressive.


Cleaning and maintenance industry and community - Veterinary - Electronic components and assembly - Handling food

Color: amber

Thickness: 0.45 mm (mean value)

Length: 300 mm (average value)

Exterior finish: Honeycomb on palm and fingers

WARNING Avoid use with oils, fats and derived from hydrocarbons. This product contains natural rubber that can create allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.


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