Detergenza Ecologica



Tork Sapone Schiuma Foam (Sistema S4)



The Tork foam soap provides a voluminous foam, soft and effective hand washing. The reduced force required for its dispensation makes it the ideal product for children, the elderly and people who suffer from a reduced strength in my hands. The foam soap is mild, dermatologically tested, contains ingredients that take care of the skin even in situations of frequent washing of hands. The Tork foam soap also has a reduced environmental impact as demonstrated by its Ecolabel certification. The foam soap is perfect for environments characterized by high turnout. In fact characterized by a long range of service, reduces the need for maintenance. The Tork foam soap gives you more by asking less. Foam soap scented with premium quality for a pleasant and effective hand washing Environmental Certification EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel Ideal for a regular and frequent hand washing Compatible with: TORK12046 HAND SOAP DISPENSER WHITE S4 S4 BLACK HAND SOAP DISPENSER TORK12047

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