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ECO95 wool and delicate : liquid detergent for washing hands and washing machine wool and delicate. The wording is carried out only with surfactants of natural origin, devoid of benzene, biodegradable aerobically and anaerobically.

Addittive with enzymes.

Delicate on colors.

Does not contain optical bleaching.


Pack BIB from 5 Lt.

BIB: Bag in Box packaging , a minor environmental impact. It reduces the time and the number of supply; costs less equal quality; keep the product that is never in contact with air and is 100% recyclable. Less

90% of municipal waste

Less 80% plastic

Less 20% cardboard

Less 40% footprint

This product is part of a RANGE ECOLOGICAL FULL

Formulations made with raw materials the origin NATURAL , with high benefits and MARK AS ECOLOGICAL EUROPEAN UNION: ECOLABEL.

The label is the European trademark environmental certification for products and services born in 1992 with the adoption of the Rules Committee.

A tool to voluntary that is granted to those products and services that meet ecological and performance criteria established at European level.

Obtaining brand is, therefore, a certificate of excellence which is issued only to those products / services that have a reduced environmental impact . The criteria are regularly reviewed and made more restrictive, so as to promote continuous improvement of environmental quality of products and services.

The European Eco-label ensures that the product:

- has a lower environmental impact compared to other products on the market;

- has been subjected to stringent testing to ensure the environmental quality and performance.

choosing products / services ECOLABEL , the operator Professional helps to improve the environment, get a transparent and credible, buys products that have not components harmful to health and verified by an independent body.

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