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° Professional Dash liquid contains a unique combination of high performance ingredients that guarantees an impeccable, with the removal of stubborn stains.
° Professional Dash liquid contains a surfactant system effective and advanced, highly effective in defining and removing dirt and stains.
° Professional Dash liquid containing bleach.
° Professional Dash fluid contains enzymes with high technology, among others, in particular, delivers a cleverly spotting agents spots on vegetables (tomato) and fruit (banana, raspberry).
° Professional Liquid Dash is a bleach-free formula and low pH, which acts gently to keep the colors bright, slowing down wear and tear.
° Professional Dash is phosphate-free liquid.
° Professional Dash liquid can be used on all types of white and colored fabrics at a temperature from 30 to 95 degrees for whites and from 30 to 60 ° for colors.
° The high solubilisation power of Professional Liquid Dash ensure proper delivery of the product, helping speed the removal of stains and excellent performance even with short washing cycles.
° The particular composition of fluid Dash Professional allows the product to be used in the presence of water of different hardness.
° Professional Dash ensures proper washing liquid from the beginning of the cycle.
° Professional Dash Liquid is formulated with a special fragrance in order to maintain long scent of fresh laundry.
° Professional Liquid Dash does not damage the skin.

Pack of 3,64 liters (56 washes)

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