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The green paper for meat or paper Salvacarne (or Meat Saver Paper) is a type of antioxidant vegetable paper. It can be used in trays where to lay down preparations or cuts of meat, hamburger intermeshing paper or simply wrapping the products inside, thus enjoying all the properties of the paper itself.

One of the fundamental characteristics is its strength even in very cold or very humid environments, it resists the stimuli due to the slaughter of meat by the buttock, even resisting the stimulation of the bones.

The surprising properties of the GREEN paper for food is its impermeability, a cut of meat wrapped and stored in the cell or even in the counter, prevents the meat from losing liquid so the product does not lose weight and compared to the original cut will reduce the waste drops .

This particular card manages to preserve and maintain the live red color of the meat, so you can cut more meat and keep it in the paper, thus saving you a lot of time and making money on the purchased meat while minimizing the waste, despite an abundant preventive cut .

Finally, it dramatically reduces the need to cut away discolored or oxidized meat parts, further reducing the waste of money that would result in this continuous cut.

This is therefore a key element for a quality butchery that aims to give a fresh product to its customers and reduces product waste and therefore money.

This product is suitable for Salumerie, Butcheries, Supermarkets, Large Distributed Organized (GDO) and has been widely appreciated by the great International Chefs.

Green vegetable paper for food 60 gr

Sheets 25x42 cm

Cartons of 1000 pcs

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