Tray grooved slate 2 spaces 20x10 cm



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Tray grooved slate 2 spaces 20x10 cm

A natural material of high quality and without time:

Slabs and pieces of slate expertly extracted and processed by master craftsmen.
Thickness of 4 mm, the natural irregularities of the surface is left voluntarily.
An ecological material of ancient and mineral origin.
The black color, always elegant, highlights the white of the porcelain and the colors of the preparations.
A silicone coating creates a non-slip layer and scratch. It is applied on all items.
The pieces are hand cut to leave those little imperfections typical of an artisan product.
These characteristics give a high quality in our products.

Products not compatible with use in micro-wave oven and dishwasher machines.
Hand washing is recommended. Simple cleaning with a damp cloth or cooking oil.
Bears very well the direct contact with hot or cold surfaces. Possible use in the freezer or refrigerator.

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