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TRITAN® – Progress in Crystal Technology
Schott Zwiesel Tritan Kristallglas

Diamond like brilliance and surface hardness

Patented stability, dishwasher, break and chip resistant

Rated “very good” by Germany’s leading consumer-safety group: Stiftung Warentest (2/2004)

“We sell a concept that helps to guarantee the satisfaction
of retail consumers. with our internationally patented
Tritan® technology, we offer a crystal glass with a diamond
like brilliance, that is extremely resistant to breakage, scratching
and dishwashers.”

Zwiesel Kristallglas created a milestone in the history of glass production when it developed the internationally patented Tritan® technology. A new glass mix coupled to an innovative manufacturing process has created a crystal glass of exceptional purity. Consistent high quality and unrivalled brilliance are assured by the utilisation of advanced computer controlled production and quality monitoring. Glass is a brittle material and often unforgiving when it comes to handling errors. The risk of breakage is one of the major issues in the catering field, where professionals need glassware that is as easy to handle as possible.

This is why Tritan® crystal glasses have been endowed with superior durability. They are highly dishwasher resistant and have also set the benchmarks for break and scratch resistance. These quality criteria are appreciated by over 3000 hotels, restaurants and bars around the World. The majority of which rank among the finest establishments in their sectors – so they naturally insist on the highest standards. Now our Tritan® glasses are also becoming increasingly popular among private consumers, who appreciate fine quality with durability and ease of handling.

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