Ideabrill White Paper 37x50 cm



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Fresh saver packaging

It is a revolutionary wrapping paper still unique, as it joins the most notable qualities of the traditional packages currently available in the market.
This product is presented in various sizes and compositions to become suitable for each sector of counter fresh foods.

Ideabrlll guarantees:
-longer preservation of the fresh food than a traditional wrapping paper
-protection from external factors that cause an early deterioration of the food (this is possible thanks to its special film)
-it can be sealed in just 4 seconds by a counter heat sealer, thus granting the maximum hygiene level
-easiness of wrapping, thanks to its structure keeping the fold
-a low environmental impact, as easily separable (paper and film) with a simple gesture for recycling

Seize 37x50 cm

Pack of 1500 sheets

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